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Sun, March 18th 2018
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Each month, Ism Sound Network will send the best artists and songs submitted to the A&R Drop Box directly to the biggest label execs and deal makers in the music business. In addition to the execs you see here there is a rapidly expanding list of major label A&R execs, publishers, managers, attorneys and music supervisors (who wish to remain anonymous) who are also receiving each monthly CD. This list continues to grow each and every month. The industry deal makers are listening!

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Success Stories

Looking Back - Stevie Steve Performs for JIVE / BAD BOY
Ism Member: Stevie Steve wins the M.O.M. BAD BOY Showcase opportunity
Looking Back: Cheri Amore Performs for Kid Capri
Ism Sound Member Cheri Amore Performs Live for the Lark Pelle Pelle Kid Capri Bash
Jai Will
From demo to serious exposure

Signified Sound Wins Big
Signified Sound System wonover Ism A&R, opening at our Kanye West event and AudioIsm 2004. Who's next?
Ism Member lands Song Deal
Ism Sound member, Trae D., was discovered at the Ism Disclosure Showcase by....
DJ Judon Lands with NY Production Company
"ISM works...Ism helped put me out there and results come back" - DJ Judon - Chicago DJ was selected to produce for a NY major label production house.

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Want to know what the professionals think about your recordings? Find out vital information that's critical to pre-manufacturing. Ism Sound has a board of Industry professionals, Label Executives, Radio Promoters, A&R and more who can give you written feed back on your material." To Find out More click here.

Success Stories
Bam on Biker Boys Sdtk
Ism Sound Member Production team Smoke Fx's Producer Bam of Devus Entertainment gets one of his tracks included on the Biker Boys Soundrack.
Beat Kitchen Producers Expose at METRO
Beat Kitche Producers got maximum exposure as they were able to showcase their music abilities and artists for Crucial Conflict, Cash Money Records
Home Jam Winners: Hall of Fame
WGCI's Home Jam Winners Hall of Fame have received several lucrative performance slots thanks to Ism Sound including.

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