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Sending Your Demo
October 23, 2003

One Ism Member sent me an e-mail regarding what he should include in a demo package, It went like this....

----- Original Message -----
From: "jay semall"
Subject: advice

Hi there Ibi, my name is Jason Semall and I'm a student at Columbia College. I was one of the very fortunate students to have had the opportunity to listen to your spiel (spelling?) during Kimo's class. I found it inspirational and have been doing a lot of thinking about trying to further my career as an music manager/agent. I have a band that I've been talking with about that sort of thing, and believe that they have a real chance in the industry. I've located a label in chicago that supports their type of music and was wondering what the best way to present the demo to them. They
do accept demos--I checked. What all should I include with it? I mean, I would like to present it in the most professional manner posiible.

Thanks so much for your time.--Jason

Hey There!

Great things to do when sending a Demo:

1) Make sure they accept unsolicited music or Demos. If possible call or fax ahead to clue them in to expecting something from you.

2) Put it in something noticeable. Not just a regular manila envelope. Maybe send it in a pizza box or a hand painted or decorated box. Something they will notice when they receive it.

3) Send it certified with signature requirement. This will assure you that someone got it. They're also more prone to open it quickly if they had to sign for it.

4) NO FOLDER. It's a waste of money and they go straight in the trash If you have multiple papers. Use a paper clip. DO NOT STAPLE. Include your contact information on the bottom of EVERYTHING. papers and parts of your package WILL get separated. Paper clip them so that people won't have to rip them apart.

5) Send your Song on a Professionally Recorded CD. Include contact info: Name, phone and e-mail ON THE ACTUAL CD.

6) Include a 1 page fact sheet (i.e. VERY short bio, performance dates, news paper articles etc.) Include any funny or interesting facts or stories about artist. i.e. "Once arrested for setting up amp and performing in the Nieman Marcus Bathroom while wrapped in toilet paper."

7) Include a 1 page photo sheet Unless your real ugly. Then don't. Sometimes, it's better when you don't have any imaging set. This way when the label thinks about you, they have a clean slate and nothing they might have to "work on."

8) On a bright yellow post it note write very big: CATCH A LIVE PERFORMANCE OF THIS BAND AT ______________ ON ______________ DAY AT ______________ TIME! Stick it on the CD cover. (you should have a live performance date set up)

9) For a finishing touch. Include a GIFT. Something that's gimmicky towards the artist. i.e. If the name of the band is Eye Sore, include a box of band aides or a first aide kit or something. Make sure the gift is something either cool, cute or useable. If it's all three, it's a winner. Most labels are no longer impressed with T-shirts, key chains etc. (cliched marketing merchandise)

Do the above and you're bound to be noticed. If they don't call you back, it's cause someone died (send the package again) or the music sucks. (don't send it again) :)




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