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Best of Both Worlds Hits the Fan
November 01, 2004

Best of Both Worlds Tour Finally Hits the Fan

Rumors of a rift between R&B singer R.Kelly and Jay-Z were verified Friday during a concert in New York at Madison Square Garden.

Kelly performed several songs with Jay-Z, but then suffered a meltdown during a solo when he abruptly stopped singing, claiming audience members were waving guns. "I can't perform under these conditions," said Kelly, before storming off the stage around 9:30 p.m.

After storming off stage, it was alleged that a member of Jay’s entourage sprayed Kelly and two of his bodyguards with pepper spray.

"Someone in Jay-Z's entourage sprayed him and two bodyguards," said Kelly publicist Allan Mayer. "I think he was upset because they had delayed the show. I can't imagine Jay-Z had anything to do with this," Mayer said."

Lawyers for R. Kelly are filing a criminal complaint against the pepper sprayer and considering action over the decision to remove Kelly from the tour according to Mayer.

Jay-Z returned to the stage alone minutes later and promised audience members they would still get their money's worth. He then recruited rappers Ja Rule, Usher, Foxy Brown and Mary J. Blige, who were sitting in the first few rows, to perform onstage with him.

Shortly after the performance, Jay sat down NY DJ Angie Martinez to express his side of the fiasco.

“This is just disrespectful…I would love to just do the Best of Both Worlds with just me and Mary. I’m put it out there right now.”

“Everybody better grab their Best of Both Worlds album up now because that’s it. There will be no more Best of Both Worlds…It’s just too much…Certain things just ain’t meant to be. I tried though. It looks great on paper. It looks wonderful on paper but it just can’t happen.”

“I went way out of my way. First of all…the first night [in Chicago] was terrible and this is your hometown. It was terrible. The second night, the guy is on the bus. He won’t get off the bus. I’m waiting downstairs – two hours in my white suit…His excuse was he’s waiting for his show. You don’t do that…I’m just sitting there…I downstairs waiting two hours, like, ‘I don’t work for you B’…I was going to set it off crazy in Chicago…I was going to do 45 hits in a row in Chicago and own the whole city, but I gave him that leeway because it was his town.”

And his message to R. Kelly: “Oh by the way, people did not leave alright homie. Nobody left homie.”

In response to rumors that R. Kelly was in the hospital, Jay had this to say, “Whatever. Excuse me for not being the most sympathetic person at this specific time.”

Law enforcement sources said no guns were recovered.


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