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Fri, January 19th 2018
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Crushing Chicago
June 13, 2003

Hadjy has words with Bonecrusher

A wild vocal monster on stage, a humble composed character behind the scenes, regardless of situation this man ďainít never scared.Ē Heís Bonecrusher, heís big, and heís getting bigger.

H: How did you and JD (Jermaine Dupri) first hook up?
BC: Iíve known JD for about ten years. Iíve known him since the Kriss Kross days. I met him through Lilí Jon. I drew up the first logo for his jacket.
H: So youíve been in the game for a while now
BC: Yeah but itís been liberating though
H: Were you working the local scene in ATL all this time?
BC: Iíve been writing a lot of hooks for a lot of people. I did some stuff for Killer Mike, some stuff for Pastor Troy, Lilí Jon, Jim Crow, T.I. Iíve been writing a bunch of stuff you know, I just finished some stuff for Bow Wowís new album too.
H: Is ghostwriting what got you in the business?
BC: Yeah
H: So when did you stop and say, ďAlright itís time to start doing something for myselfĒ?
BC: Well the past ten years Iíve been working on things. I had a group, The LGís, we had signed with Def Squad, Eric Sermon. It didnít work. We signed with Tommy Boy. That didnít work. So I decided to do my solo thing, put ďI Ainít Never ScaredĒ out and gave it to JD, the rest is history
H: Plans for the near future?
BC: Movies
H: Are you a God fearing man?
BC: Oh yeah. How can you tell?
H: I was just trying to get you to yell, ďI AINĒT NEVER SCARED!Ē
BC: (laughs) Yeah, I ainít never scared. I really ainít scared of anything, but Iím definitely a God fearing man. Iím very spiritual and that makes sure I stay humble as possible. Humbly arrogant is the term I like to use.


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