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AudioIsm Huge Success
June 20, 2003

AudioIsm 2003

Harry's Velvet Room, Chicago

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Asides from the handful of people who entered the wrong side of our secret hide out and declared. "Man, There's nothing going on here." We're sorry you didn't do a bit more investigation to discover the PowerBall Room was all IsmSound Promised and More!

Many forgot there were 2 Rooms of partying. And although Social Savoy was cool and collected with plenty of "no-wait" at the bar, the Powerball room was over capacitated and off the hook.

Special guests from Sister-to-Sister Magazine, A&R from Arista Records, Nina Chantell from Power 92, Teefah were only of the few Heavy Hitters who crashed the party as tons of major players and ground breakers conveigned for Ism's Industry Social.

Ism accepted tons of new music on behalf of our A&R and Producer Guests. DJ Diz of WGCI did an AMAZNING job on the turn tables as well as DJ Judon Both gave recognition to a huge number of indie and aspiring companies and artists that night.

Gourmet Shrimp, egg rolls, chicken, meatballs, chocolate covered strawberries, blue berries and raspberries were just the tip of the ice berg, along with free gift bags from Virgin Mega Store full of full length CD's from BMI, Sony, Def Jam, Universal, BMG and more for Ism's pampered Power ball Room.

Indie artists had their music featured and a number of performers were widely recognized and enjoyed.

Baam at Power 92 said. "This was a great event. Great Job"

Duerell Jones for DJ Diz of WGCI Radio. "Brink of Genius"

Christi Harber - Christi with an Eye PR - "The Food was Amazing. The music, amazing...I had such an excellent time."

Dewayne Holmes - A&R for Artist Direct Records Said. "Again you've impressed us with undiscovered talent that needs to be discovered."

Wardell Malloy of BMI - New York said. "Well worth the trip, excellent function"

Everyone we promised attended: Mike Dunn (Busta Rhymes) The Legendary Traxter * Felony - Formerly of Public Announcement * True Enuff Maurice Jefferson (3 Pc) * Brian Harris - Jive Records * Spike and Jamahl Rep(Monica) Cap 1 * Xtreme (Jay Z, Jaheim) * Micaeh(We Hustle, John Monopoly, Violator Kanye West) Baam - Power 92 * The Hot Boyz Tone & Shag - Power 92 * Mike Love - WGCI Dewayne Holmes - Artist Direct Records * Rob Grecco - Def Jam * General Jaymze - S.A.W. * Toxic - (Twister, Legit Ballers) * Wardel Malloy - BMI - New York * BTL Music Group * Teefa - WGCI * The Movement * Universal * Sony * Motown * ASCAP And many others.

Special thanks again to all the Ism Sponsors: Rolling Out Magazine, - Photography,, Chicago Urban TV, Qualo - The Movement - DJ Diza of WGCIRadio, S.K. Dean and Elysium Films for TV One pilot, "Press Play",, JMA,, Sony Music, Christi With an Eye, Inc. PR Firm, Universal,, Virgin MegaStore,,, Plugged Magazine, Hustle Events, BTL Music Group, Dilla Mgmnt.& Total Eclypse Sound.

We hope to continue to make this industry social bigger and better, year by year.

Special thanks again to DJ Diz, DJ Judon, Duerell Jones and WGCI for making this event a huge hit.

What do you have to say? We would greatly appreciate your feed back and will eagerly answer or address any problems or suggestions.

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